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1. GOAL SETTING - Before you begin your attempt at a successful raffle, you need to set goals for yourself. How much money are you looking to make? How many tickets will you sell? What kind of prizes will be awarded? DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS STEP. Take the time to sit down and set goals. The end results will surely show the difference if you did.

2. SECURE THE PRIZES - In a raffle, the importance of prizes cannot be overlooked. If you have good prizes, people will buy tickets. It's as simple as that. Securing prizes is all about networking. Release the best networkers on your team to get the job done. Ask relatives, co-workers, and local business owners if they have prizes they can donate. Many companies are happy to donate a prize because it's a great opportunity for positive PR for them. Get out there and ask! If you can't get it donated, you might be able to get prizes deeply discounted.

3. SELECT THE DRAWING DATE - It's important everyone is on the same page here. Make sure you give yourself and your team plenty of time to sell the tickets.

4. SET THE TICKET PRICE - Inquire friends about past raffles and reasonable prices. How many do you need to sell to make your goal? Work backwards to find your price.

5. GATHER THE TROOPS - With the prizes, drawing date and ticket price, now you need volunteers to go sell the tickets. Ask your volunteers how many tickets they think they can sell. Will it be enough? Be realistic. A great idea to incentives your sellers is to offer prizes for the most tickets sold. Use your marketing skills!

6. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TICKETS - If you haven't ordered your raffle tickets by now, it's time. Err on the high side of tickets ordered. It won't cost you much more money, and you only need to sell a few more tickets to make up for it.

7. ON THE RAFFLE DAY - Here are a few extra tips on the of your raffle:
- Make a last call on ticket sales. With the excitement of the drawing, people may want a few more chances!
- Be sure to announce how many tickets were sold to gain energy.
- Have a third party draw the ticket. A good idea is to select someone from the crowd that everyone would like.
- If you do not have to be present and someone not there wins, announce to everyone the name of the winner. Contact the winner promptly.
- Review what a good cause their money went to! Not everyone is going to win the prize, but all can feel good about helping your cause.
- Show appreciation and thank your volunteers repeatedly.
- Keep the information from the ticket stubs to contact potential buyers for future raffles.

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