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Raffle Tickets for Sale - Custom Raffle Ticket Printing


Thinking about saving time and money by printing your own raffle tickets? At first, it sounds like a pretty good idea. If you decide to print your tickets, you basically have two choices. Let's walk through your options:

Option 1 - There are several free templates online which you could use. Free is good, right??? Well, this might not be such a good idea, mainly because your printed tickets will not be numbered. Are you going to write the numbers in by hand? That's a lot of work! ( 2 numbers on each raffle ticket ) Then, you have to ask, "will buyers feel comfortable buying a raffle ticket with hand written numbers?" And what if you inadvertently make a mistake and the numbers on each ticket don't match? Or worse yet... what if you end up with duplicate numbers and two winners for your raffle? Yikes!!!


Option 2 - You can buy raffle ticket printing software - not too bad at $25-$200.

Once you buy the software or select a free template you'll be ready to print your raffle tickets. Will your printer print on card stock? (Most people expect raffle tickets to be printed on card stock.) If your printer jams could you end up with duplicate sheets and numbers? If the worst happens, can you afford to give away two prizes?

Cheer up. Once your tickets are printed, you're almost done. Now, all you have to do is cut the tickets apart and perforate the stubs. One supplier of raffle ticket template software suggests you use a sewing machine to perforate the stubs and then take the ticket sheets to your local printer and pay to have them cut to size. Wow, really? Does this sound simpler? Using a sewing machine? (Not a good idea to cut yourself, the stubs all need to be uniform.)

And finally consider this: If you are using online software to print your raffle tickets, what is to stop someone from using the exact same software and counterfeiting your tickets?

If all this seems like too much trouble, click HERE and see just how cheaply and quickly you can have custom printed raffle tickets delivered to your door. Save yourself the time, hidden costs and probable headache! Use to create your Custom raffle tickets with next day shipping available.

Start Customizing Now!
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