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Raffle Tickets for Sale - Custom Raffle Ticket Printing

Tips for Raffle Organizers:

Here are a few tips to help you sell raffle tickets. The are three main steps you need to do to get your raffle going.

1) Organize your Ticket Sellers 2) Keep good records of all of your Ticket Distribution 3) Collect Cash

It's a good idea to use numbered raffle tickets because they make it easy to keep track of which tickets are given to which sellers. Always keep good records, or you'll lose out on some money. Another good idea is to add a bit of friendly competition into the mix among your sellers. With the incentive of a goal or prize for whoever sells the most tickets, you will see better production from your sellers. You should give your sellers at least one month to sell their tickets. During this time, you should have a visual chart or graph for sellers to mark their progress.

Clearly communicate your rules or guidelines for the raffle on the front end so that there is no confusion For example, "Does the buyer need to be present to win? Do the sellers need the buyer's address on the ticket or just the name and phone number? What is the cost of each ticket? What prizes will be rewarded? What forms of payment will be accepted for ticket sales? Are there any local regulations that would prohibit you from selling raffle tickets?" By answering questions like these on the front end, you'll save yourself a great deal of stress.

A good idea is to combine raffle ticket sales with some other event. If your group hosts a carnival, concert, or other attraction, you can double raffle tickets as admission tickets.

Pending on the group you are trying to reach, you may need to spend a lot in advertising to get the word out about your raffle. There's a good chance that local businesses may want to support your cause. Take advantage of this resource! Perhaps local police or fire departments may want to promote your raffle. Be sure to contact them and ask. Many times, local churches and charity groups will help out. You should also talk to grocery store managers and see if you can set up a table outside of their store that will allow you to promote the raffle. Don't forget the media either. Contact TV and radio stations to try to get some news coverage of your fundraiser.

Tips for Ticket Sellers:

Begin by setting a goal for yourself. Dream big! How many tickets would you like to sell? Find that number and go after it. When you have your number, start planning. Sit down and chart out when and where you will go out selling. Then, have people keep you accountable.

Talk it up! Let everyone around you know about the raffle and that you are selling tickets. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors - anyone who will listen about your event. Make sure you let them know what your organization is about. When people realize that it's for a good cause, they are far more willing to buy a ticket.

Don't be afraid to ask for the sale. If you believe that you are selling tickets for a good cause, then it will show through in your selling. Be confident. The worst that can happen is that you go ask someone else. Good luck selling!

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