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Porsche Raffle Winner

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Now, this is how you hold a raffle.  Give away a porsche!  The winner of this PCA member only raffle was also celebrating a birthday.  Now, that’s a very special day!  Can you imagine a typical birthday and then getting a knock on your door saying you’ve won a porsche?

To be honest, that’s maybe the most lame reaction I’ve ever seen from a raffle winner.  It’s like the guy said, “Yawn, oh, a porsche?  Yeah, just put it over there.”  Lame sauce.

Either way, that is a crazy cool giveway.  I bet the guys who made this video were hoping for a bit more when it came to the response.  By the way, PCA stands for the Porsche Club of America.

If you have sweet enough connections to give away a porsche, then I’m sure your raffle will be a tremendous success.  And if you are in the need for raffle tickets, remember to stop on buy for your custom printing needs.