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A Raffle for The Bride and Groom

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

I attended a bridal shower last night and it was a lot of fun.  It actually gave me a really good idea for a raffle.  I think with most weddings, the expense of it is the biggest burden on the bride and groom.  Either they have to pay for it themselves or their parents are helping them pay for it.  Nevertheless, most weddings end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.  I think that if there was a way to help them with this expense, that bridal showers could take a new twist.

I recently got a lot of Twilight memorabilia donated to me and I have a bridal shower that I have to throw soon for my cousin.  I think it would be cool idea to hold a raffle at the shower with all of the proceeds going to the bride and groom to help them pay for the wedding or the honeymoon.  The Twilight stuff is really, really nice stuff that any Twilight fan would love to have.  The shower I’m throwing for my cousin is actually Twilight themed because she loves the book series so much.

I figure if I include info about the raffle on the invitation then people could bring two dollars, along with whatever present they buy her, to buy a raffle ticket.  Two dollars is not much at all to pay for a raffle ticket, so I think people would be willing to do that.  My cousin was so excited for this idea, so I think it will go really well.