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Raffle for a Bike

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Here’s another cool raffle.  Whenever proceeds for a raffle go to support the troops, you know it’s a good cause.  Here is the description on this particular video:

Win this military bobber. $10 gets you one chance to win the custom, award-winning military biker build-off bobber.

And the actual video…

If you are hosting a raffle like this one, YouTube is such a good way to share the information.  It doesn’t hurt to have a girl on a motorcycle either.  But seriously, there are so many free tools out there for you to get the word out.  Take advantage of the internet and all of the free Social Media out there to spread the word.  Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote your cause.  If you are a non-profit it’s a great way to send out your message.