Kids In Raffles

Although I deal mostly with business, I deal with schools occasionally too.  With schools always come kids, and kids make for great raffle ticket sellers.  They are cute and friendly, which everyone loves.  Usually, if I’m working with business I’ll encourage them to get their kids to sell tickets.  They can sell tickets like nobody’s business.

However, sometimes it can be hard to get kids to be motivated.  One of the things that I have found helpful is making selling raffle tickets fun for the kids.  Tell the kids that they get one kid raffle ticket for every raffle ticket they sell.  Then they are entered into a raffle for a good kids gift.

This will get them so excited for the raffle and they will want to sell as many tickets as they possibly can.  Kids are pretty easy to please, so the prize you get for them doesn’t have to cost nearly as much as the actual raffle prize.  It can be anything from an i-Pod shuffle to a big stuffed animal.  It all depends on the age of the kids you are dealing with.  Kids are great.

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