How Will You Promote Your Non-Profit Fundraiser?

Non-profits organize fundraisers to collect money for their year-round social programs and activities. They host parties to hold charitable dinners and outdoor functions. However, as the main reason behind hosting such events is to raise money, the non-profits should know the ways of effectively promoting their fundraising programs.


Start organizing parties and balls of different sizes to attract people. Send invitations to your friends and colleagues requesting them to attend the party. Have proper seating arrangements and serve food and drinks to the guests to ensure customer satisfaction.


Create excitement and enhance your non-profit fundraising event by holding a gala dinner. You can also promote your good cause by offering special prizes or a holiday trip to some exotic island! Declaring prizes will ensure maximum ticket sales and thus, generate greater revenues.

Outdoor Events

Arrange outdoor events to collect higher funds from people of diverse backgrounds. Introduce different games and make the donors participate freely. Summer and winter carnivals give you a chance to enjoy your time out and win exciting prizes.


One of the best ways of promoting your non-profit fundraiser is to send out the message through Facebook. This hugely popular social networking site has millions of users hooked to it almost 24×7. The portal will give you an edge over your competitors in freely uploading your event details and pre-event images on your page. Facebook users liking your page will click on the ‘Like’ button and this is how you can count on the number of people liking your event(s).


Non-profit event organizers can also use smartphones to market their events. You can provide all event details in a convenient place, right on the mobile phones of your event attendees. Besides, smartphones offer easy access to any fundraising information within seconds! Many Cloud-based event and class management solutions have developed an in-built mobile application to let organizations share their program-related information with their customers.


This video sharing website can act as a very powerful marketing tool. Record what your guest speakers are saying as well as the feedback of the audience after the event. You can upload an unlimited number of videos of your past events on YouTube. People will get to know how successfully you have organized the seminars. The videos help you advertise for similar occasions in future and these also act as a valuable proof that your event was a grand success.

Thus, we can see there are a good number of techniques to get maximum donations and pledges from individuals. Hope the method (s) applied by your non-profit work toward attracting support for your good cause.

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