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Cow Chip Raffle

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Oh, in my posts on raffle twists, how could I have forgotten the time-honored cow chip raffle? Running across this article this weekend reminded me of this unique way of picking raffle winners. The middle school I attended used to hold one of these yearly. Basically, the raffle organization paints a grid on a big field, numbering each space in the grid and selling tickets with corresponding numbers. Then you simply let some well-fed cows loose on the field, and voila! They choose your raffle winners for you by their own natural processes.

This is just another example of how creative you can get with your process for choosing raffle winners. Come up with some innovative way of picking a winner, tying the method to the organization you’re raising funds for. If you’re an agricultural or animal rights organization, the cow chip raffle’s a great choice.

Raffling Off Conan O’Brien

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Conan O’Brien is a big celebrity name right now.  With all of the drama that has been going on with his career this past year, pretty much every person knows about him and the injustice that has been done to him by NBC.  I am personally a big fan of Conan O’Brien, and I recently found out that he is doing a stand up tour all around our nation right now.

This is a great opportunity for any of you out there that are thinking about hosting a raffle or are already in the midst of having one.  If you could raffle off two tickets to go see Conan O’Brien, it would be a huge money maker at this point.  Your main buyers would be 20-30 year olds who have grown up with his comedy.

My husband and I have tickets to see him in June in Chicago.  The tickets cost us around $250, but it’s well worth it to us.  If there is anyway for you to get the tickets donated, I would try your best to do that.  If you can’t, there are a lot people selling them on Ebay right now.  Be careful, because some people are out to make a huge profit.  Good luck!

Bridal Shower Raffle

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

I have been to so many bridal showers over the past few weekends, so I’ve naturally been thinking about how you could do a raffle at a bridal shower.  I know this might seem like a stretch, but stick with me here.  Bridal showers can tend to be redundant.  At pretty much every shower you do the same thing: mix and mingle, eat, open presents, play two shower games, and say goodbye.  Typically the shower games are all alike too.  I don’t think that there’s a bridal shower game that I haven’t played at this point.  It would be nice if there was something to really make the shower unique, other than who the shower is being thrown for.  I think that a bridal shower raffle could be just that.

Here is my idea for a bridal shower raffle:  Since every attendee at bridal showers brings a gift, but its not always off the registry this might be a good way to ensure that it is.  Include in the invitation for the shower directions on the raffle.  For every person that buys something off of the registry, they get entered into a raffle at the shower.  Obviously it will be necessary for the person hosting the shower to have the registry list so that they can be sure that the gift is off of the registry.  If a person buys more than one thing off the registry, they can have their name entered however many times as the number of items they bought off the registry.  This will encourage the guests to get creative with their gifts.  At the shower, after the bride has opened all the gifts, the raffle can be done.  The winner of the raffle should win a nice prize, like a $25 gift card or something. It should be mentioned in the invitation what the prize will be so that the guests will be motivated.

I think that this could be an exciting game for a bridal shower and it will help the guests to get into what’s going on at the shower.  There are many different ways that this raffle can be done at the shower.  It doesn’t have to depend on the gifts that are brought.  It can be dependent on how many times a certain bridal-type word is said, and every time they say it, they get one of their three entries in the raffle taken out.  This would make for a very eventful shower.  Let the creativity with this idea roam.  You can help your guests experience something outside of the norm while supporting the bride.

Airsoft Raffle

Monday, August 24th, 2009 is giving over $10,000 of merchandise away in their summer promotion.  This is on top of any promotion or free shipping you would receive on their website.  This video is short, but a great way to promote their business and their raffle.  Why?  It’s hilarious!  Obviously, this video didn’t cost hardly anything to make, but because it is creative and funny, it is sure to drive business their way.

A few of my favorite lines:

“The itch?”

“Do you ever get the urge to destroy something by shooting it?” “I think so.”

“Do you walk around with your knees bent and your arms like this?”  “All the time!  What the hell is wrong with me doctor?”

Ha! ha!  Hilarious.  Check it out for yourself, and see how you can use free tools like YouTube to promote your raffle.

The Mule Raffle

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

The City Slicker goes to see the Farmer about his newspaper ad: “Mule for Sale – $100”. When he arrives the Farmer says he’s sorry but the mule died and he was just about to bury him. The City Slicker offers to dispose of the mule for no charge and of course the Farmer, being nobody’s fool, agrees.

A few weeks later when the Farmer is in town he happens to see the City Slicker and asks what he did with the mule. The City Slicker says he raffled the mule off and sold 1000 raffle tickets for $5.00 each. The confused Farmer asked: “What about the winner – wasn’t he upset that he won a dead mule?” The City Slicker responded: “Why yes he was, so I gave him back his $5”.
We won’t help you hold a raffle for a “Dead Mule” but we will be glad to help you with virtually any other raffle you had in mind. Just give us a call: 1-888-4RafTix (888-472- 3849) Toll Free (9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST, Mon.- Fri). Or place your order for raffle tickets online.