Beware of Raffle Scams

I just read this article about how a guy was raffling off his amazing home for $50 a ticket.  After he sold 10,000 raffle tickets he canceled the raffle!  He made $500,000 off of these poor people, who are all demanding refunds.  The tickets were sold over Paypal, but his Paypal account has been canceled so Paypal can’t refund anyone right now.

It really makes me wary of raffle scams now, and I thought that I should probably warn others about it as well.  When someone is doing a personal raffle, that’s probably a good thing to stay away from.  Especially if their ticket prices are high.  You should really only buy raffle tickets from organizations that you can check up on.

Also, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.  The best example I can think of is those car raffles that they offer in malls across America.  All you have to do if fill out a raffle ticket with your personal information and your entered.  That is way too good to be true.  Do not enter those raffles because all they want is your information so that they can send you and call you with marketing stuff.  Beware of those bad raffles.

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