Animal Shelter Raffle

I recently got a client out of our local animal shelter.  I presented the idea to them that there is a lot of money that they could be making with raffles, but they could also get their animals adopted that way as well.  A lot of people are looking for pets but don’t know that animal shelters offer really great pets.

They could use the raffle in two ways like I mentioned before.  They could do a raffle to help get funds for the animal shelter.  Its one of the hardest places to maintain actually, and they need a lot of funds to keep it going.  The unique idea of raffling off some of the animals would help them out a lot too.  Obviously it would have to be an animal that’s desirable, so that the ticket sales would meet the needs that they have.

I love animals, and I know that I would definitely participate in a raffle like that.  Its such a great deal to only pay like 10 dollars for a ticket and get a really great animal who really needs a home.  I think that this idea could really take off if they do a good job of advertising it.  People are always looking for a great pet.

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