A Time to Raffle…

Its the beginning of the school year and all the sports teams, school clubs, etc. are beginning to do their fundraising.  I found this to be so true when I went to help my husband who’s a teacher with some of his copies and what not, and I got approached by about 10 different middle school students pleading with me to buy something they were selling.  A lot of those students were actually selling raffle tickets for something.  They were raffling of a weekend vacation get-away, gifts cards to a local restaurant, and a sports pass for their school district.

I use to help out with the soccer team at our local high school and we tried fundraising with coupon books, but it didn’t work very well.  I think raffle tickets are such a great idea are able to sell easily when the object they are raffling is unique and somewhat practical.  I wish our team would have done that instead.

There’s a raffle going on right now in an organization that I’m involved in for a week’s vacation using a time share.  The only thing is that the vacation has to be taken in September so I don’t think my husband and I will be able to do it because of work.  Anyone know of any other good vacation raffles going on right now?

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