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Be Responsible With Your Tickets

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

When you have sellers for your raffle tickets, it is important that they are trustworthy sellers.  I recently read a story where a seller of the Lion’s Club raffle tickets, which sell for $100 per ticket, left the $500 he had made so far along with $500 worth of raffle tickets in his car with his dog.  The dog decided to take the opportunity to eat both the the money and the raffle tickets.

Yes, this was your classic accidental situation.  The seller had no way of knowing that this would happen.  However, you do need to make sure that as a seller you are taking good care of your merchandise.  You can’t just leave your money and tickets laying around.  Keep them safely stowed away.  You also want to make sure that your fellow sellers are doing the same.

It is just important to remember that the tickets you are selling are not your tickets.  They technically belong to the organization you are selling them for and also the buyers you are selling them to.  It is your responsibility to make sure that the tickets not only get sold, but also don’t get lost.

Beware of Raffle Scams

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

I just read this article about how a guy was raffling off his amazing home for $50 a ticket.  After he sold 10,000 raffle tickets he canceled the raffle!  He made $500,000 off of these poor people, who are all demanding refunds.  The tickets were sold over Paypal, but his Paypal account has been canceled so Paypal can’t refund anyone right now.

It really makes me wary of raffle scams now, and I thought that I should probably warn others about it as well.  When someone is doing a personal raffle, that’s probably a good thing to stay away from.  Especially if their ticket prices are high.  You should really only buy raffle tickets from organizations that you can check up on.

Also, if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.  The best example I can think of is those car raffles that they offer in malls across America.  All you have to do if fill out a raffle ticket with your personal information and your entered.  That is way too good to be true.  Do not enter those raffles because all they want is your information so that they can send you and call you with marketing stuff.  Beware of those bad raffles.

Flyers for Your Raffle

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Flyers are a great way to advertise your raffle.  It’s really easy just to hang them up where ever you go, but it’s also important to hand them out to people that you are selling the raffle tickets to face to face.  Flyers are one of your greatest tools when selling raffle tickets door-to-door because they can explain all the information about the raffle.

When you are selling raffle tickets, one thing you don’t want to do is overwhelm the buyer with things that your saying.  Keep your pitch short and sweet, and let the flyer fill in all the blanks for you.  As soon as they greet you, hand them a flyer, give them your pitch, and ask them how many tickets they would like to buy.  It’s as simple as that.

Flyers also provide as reminders to buyers after you have already left.  Remember, the main goal of your fundraiser isn’t just to raise money.  It is also to get your cause, business, or organization’s name out there.  Giving people flyers helps to remind them what you are all about, and can possibly draw them in to help in the future.  Take the time to invest in getting flyers made for your raffle ticket selling, and you will not be sorry.