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Seller Motivated Raffles

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Raffles in themselves are great.  However, there is Sometimes the hardest part about doing raffles is getting your people who are going to be selling the raffle tickets motivated.  Going door to door or standing outside of a Wal-Mart selling tickets can be awkward for a lot of people.  That awkwardness usually drives them away from the idea of wanting to sell raffle tickets.  Raffle tickets are only as good as their sellers.  Motivation is not an easy trait to stir up when you are the one in charge of multiple sellers who kind of don’t want to sell either.

So the key here is to put some sort of reward system in place for the sellers.  We want them to be selling as many tickets as possible, right?  One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to bribe them.  Yes, that’s what I said…bribe them.  They need to have a reason bigger than the one they already have to benefit their organization.  I’m not sure why, but sometimes they do.  So on top of having to find prizes to raffle off, you now have to find prizes to reward your sellers.  When it comes to that, here are some good prizes that I’ve found that work well:

  • Electronics (like an Ipod shuffle, clock/radio, Ipod speakers, etc)
  • Gift Cards (restaurants, department stores, malls, etc)
  • Time-off (if fund-raising for a work place)
  • Sports Tickets (usually easily to come by if you know someone)

Now I’m sure that there are many more prizes that work well, but in my experience these kinds of prizes usually help to get and keep sellers motivated.  It’s not an easy task, that’s for sure.  Let me be clear though, what really helps your sales with raffle tickets the most is when you can sell your sellers on the idea of helping your organization.  Tell them how this will not only benefit the organization, but benefit them as well.  Sometimes it can be hard for people to see beyond themselves.  It is this kind of selfish mentality that we have to fight against.  Get through to their hearts by really personalizing your fund raising.  Give them a clear vision of what will happen if you are able to earn all the money your organization needs.  Hope this helps.

Trick or Treat or Raffle

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Yes, the Halloween season is upon us.  This is great season for doing creative things with raffles.  I think because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I get really creative with my raffling ideas.  This year I ventured into my local mall to see which business, or if the mall as a whole, would be interested in a raffle idea to help their business.  As almost all my clients are at first, they we’re hesitant to invest in anything that they were going to have to spend money on.  Thank you bad economy.  But after I had the opportunity to explain the idea fully, and how it would actually benefit their businesses, they actually liked the idea and were interested in pursuing it.   I actually had a lot of really good responses to the following idea:

Most malls hold a trick or treat event throughout the mall either on Halloween, or a couple days before it.  Kids and their parents can trick or treat at all the different stores of the mall, and the stores usually offer some sort of sale during that time.  On that night, my idea was for each store to sell a raffle ticket specifically from their store at their check out desk, so that they customers would be drawn into the store.  This increases the possibility of them actually buying something from the store.  Of course there would be signs and employees at the front of the store letting customers know about the raffle tickets.  Each store that the customer visits and buys a raffle ticket from (limit 2 tickets per customer per store), they enter their name into a big drawing for a gift certificate (amount tbd) to the mall.  Also, the store that sells the most amount of raffle tickets would get to keep a certain high percentage of the profit made from the raffle tickets.  This would motivate the employees to actually sell them.

There are obviously some legal issues that have to be sorted out with this idea, but for the most part the powers that be at the mall are excited and intrigued by this idea.  They like the idea of rewarding both the customer and the stores that rent space from them.  It gives a new purpose to a holiday that wouldn’t normally bring in a lot of money for them.  I really hope they choose to do this because I honestly think it would help them earn some money in a non-traditional way.

Stephenie Meyer Raffle

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Stephenie Meyer is by far one of the most popular authors of this day and age.  I have yet to go some where and not see at least five different people carrying or reading one of her books. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and The Host are probably the five most profitable books on in our country right now.  Probably beyond our country as well.  I believe that we have an incredible opportunity here.  It would be very wise to tap into this profitable resource when it comes to selling raffle tickets.

I recently got the opportunity to obtain some autographed Stephenie Meyer books and things.  I’m going around to my clients to see which one of them would like to use this to earn some money for their business.  The schools I work with are obviously very interested in using them.  I came up with the idea that they could hold a Twilight raffle at their school one night.  They could decorate their gym/auditorium with Twilight decorations, have the movie playing throughout the night, baked goods, etc.  With Halloween coming up, the idea of people coming wearing costumes got thrown into the mix as well.  The schools are very excited about this idea.

I looked up on Ebay how much a hardback set of her books autographed is going for, and its around $6,000.00!  This can greatly benefit the schools if they do a good job advertising their event.  I can’t wait to see it play out.  Let me know if any of you have any other ideas that could benefit this Twilight raffle night.

Good Raffles Are Hard to Find

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

It’s been hard coming up with some unique raffle ticket selling ideas.  Its easy to go the traditional route, and just visit schools and churches that are sure-fire customers.  However, in this economic climate its necessary to search new horizons and expand the client base.  As stated in previous blogs, I’ve explored selling tickets to restaurants and non-profit organizations.  I have a few tips on how to come up with good raffle ticket selling ideas.

First, its necessary to find a need that any business has.  One of those needs typically is gaining new customers.  If you can find a way to bring in more customers for them, most businesses are open to hearing your idea.  Secondly, the idea needs to work for both you and your client.  No business wants to hear an idea that only benefits you and your business.   You have to work to find a way that you raffle idea will benefit them in a significant way.  Lastly, your idea needs to financially stable for both you and your client.  Needless to say, this quite hard to do in this economic climate.  Almost every risk you take financially has the potential to leave you broke.  But risks are necessary, and its important to remind not only your client of that fact, but yourself as well.

Ideas are always there to be found, you just have to persistent and hard-working enough to find them.  Be open to other people’s ideas as well.  Talk to people in your community about your ideas and get feed back from them about what they think.  Also, get feedback from your clients about how your ideas are working for them.  There is always room to improve and grow.