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Restaurant Raffles

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I recently went a visited some of the local restaurants in my area.  Not really like fast food restaurants, but more places that are sit down restaurants.  I was actually pretty successful in striking up deals with them where they would use raffle tickets in their restaurant.  The following is the pitch I gave them as to how they could use their raffle tickets:

Every time a costumer comes in and buys drinks/food they can opt to put their name in the raffle for a $100 gift card to that specific restaurant.  They can fill out a raffle ticket for every item of food or drink that they order during that visit.  Then, at the end of the month the restaurant will draw a name out of the raffle and give or send the gift card to whoever wins.

Not only does this give the restaurant an opportunity to stand out from other restaurants, it will also help improve their sales.  If people know that their restaurant is providing this, they are much more likely to eat there than some where else.  I thought that this was a pretty creative idea, and a lot of the restaurant managers liked the idea.

Baquet Raffles

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

There is a banquet coming up for Southeast Cincinnati Young Life that I am helping with.  They are a non-profit organization that I am working with to create some raffle tickets for them to use at the banquet for different types of free Young Life things like a YL blanket, YL t-shirt, YL bumper sticker, etc.  I am excited about this opportunity because I think that the way that they are giving out the raffle tickets is really creative.

Before the banquet starts they are going to have a 30 minutes 50′s themed game time where guest can travel around to different stations and play games to earn raffle tickets.  At some stations they will be able to earn more than others, depending on the difficulty of the game.  After the game time is over, the guests will be ushered into the actual banquet hall where Young Life will start its presentation.  Before the banquet starts, the guests will be asked to write there name on the tickets they earned and then turn them in to the door host.  At the end of banquet, they will draw tickets to give away the prizes.

I think that they will also be selling raffle tickets for gift cards and vacations and what not to help them earn some extra money.  Banquets are usually such an intimidating place to be as a guest, but I think Young Life really strives to make it a fun experience and make sure their guests feel comfortable being there.

Raffle to Keep the Peace

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

I’m always looking for creative ideas to use raffle tickets on a daily basis, so as to be able to sell more of them.  It can sometimes be hard to come up with creative things to sell them for or ways that you can use raffle tickets in every day situations.  However, I recently came up with an idea that I think would work well in any classroom.

My husband is a new teacher, and he’s been looking for ways to improve on his classroom management.  I suggested the following idea:  At beginning of the day give each student 3 raffle tickets for a bag of chips or a candy bar.  For each time the student behaves badly during the day, the teacher can take away one of the raffle tickets.  At the end of the day, the student’s put their names on the tickets and turn in all their raffle tickets to the teacher. The teacher then puts the tickets in a bowl and draws the name of the student who gets the free snack.  In this way, the teacher is able to give the students an incentive to behave better in class.

This would be a whole new avenue for the raffle ticket industry I believe.  Not that other people haven’t had the same idea before, I’m sure they have.  But I think the more we can push raffle tickets into practical usage in every day life, the more we’ll be able to sell them.  I love that raffle tickets could benefit the schools in another way than just fund raising.  What do you think?

Raffle Tickets are the better option

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

When it comes to fund-raising, I truly believe the raffle tickets are the better option.  Not only are they cheap to get supplies for, there is also no middle man.  You or your organization get 100% of the profit aside from any money you spend on getting things to raffle off.  Unless you get your stuff donated of course.

Raffle tickets are great because they can be easily made.  You can make them yourself on your computer, or just buy a reel of them at your local Wal-mart.  This is so convenient for the seller.

They key is to get something to raffle off that people would actually want.  Gift cards are always good raffle items because then people can spend the gift card money on whatever they want from that place.  Raffling off those prepaid Visa cards are a good idea too.

A Time to Raffle…

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Its the beginning of the school year and all the sports teams, school clubs, etc. are beginning to do their fundraising.  I found this to be so true when I went to help my husband who’s a teacher with some of his copies and what not, and I got approached by about 10 different middle school students pleading with me to buy something they were selling.  A lot of those students were actually selling raffle tickets for something.  They were raffling of a weekend vacation get-away, gifts cards to a local restaurant, and a sports pass for their school district.

I use to help out with the soccer team at our local high school and we tried fundraising with coupon books, but it didn’t work very well.  I think raffle tickets are such a great idea are able to sell easily when the object they are raffling is unique and somewhat practical.  I wish our team would have done that instead.

There’s a raffle going on right now in an organization that I’m involved in for a week’s vacation using a time share.  The only thing is that the vacation has to be taken in September so I don’t think my husband and I will be able to do it because of work.  Anyone know of any other good vacation raffles going on right now?