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Non Profit Fundraising

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

If you are in charge of raising money for a non profit organization, then I feel for you.  This is an incredibly difficult task.  And in most cases, it’s not a one time fundraiser.  Usually, you have to worry about raising money every single year.  The stress and weight of this task can be a huge hindrance to your performance for the organization, resulting in all of your time and energy trying to figure out how to raise money and hardly any of it for the original purpose of the organization.

This task is even more difficult in the midst of a recession in our economy.  People are barely to pay the bills right now, and giving to non profits is cut dramatically because of it.  

So, what’s the answer?  I’m so glad you asked!  We think a perfect way to raise money for your non-profit is by hosting a raffle.  Let me point out a few reasons why:

  1. Raffles are Exciting – For most people, it’s like pulling teeth to give to a non profit organization, but insert a raffle and you immediately add the element of excitement that helps people break into that stash buried under their mattress.  Make your raffle prizes exciting and people will be more than willing to give.  
  2. Easy to Organize – Hosting a raffle is not hard at all because the tasks are spread out among your organization’s man power.  All you need is a solid base of volunteers to sell tickets, and they do most of the work for you.  (Also, be sure to incentivize your sellers with a prize for the most sold, etc. and you’ll be sure to get better results).  The only real leg work you need to do is secure solid prizes at the forefront.  But this is a great time of year to do that.  See my previous post – Top 5 Reasons the Holiday Season is a Great Time for a Raffle.  
  3. $$$ – Raffle’s make money, lots of money!  They are an extremely efficient fundraiser, especially if you can get the prize donated to your cause.  If you do, then all tickets sold are pure profit! 

 Let’s face it, $ is what we really care about for your great cause so use a raffle as either your primary or supplementary fundraiser for your non profit, and you won’t regret it.  So, as you are considering all of the different non profit fundraising ideas for your organization, I hope this blog will help you choose a raffle to help your organization raise money.  

Top 5 Reasons the Holiday Season is a Great Time for a Raffle

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

If you are thinking of holding a raffle for your organization, one of the best times of the year to do it is around the holidays.  There are a number of reasons why this is the case, and I think you’ll end up agreeing with me. 

1. People are in a Giving Mood - Sure, people celebrate the holidays for different reasons, but one thing is for sure, people give way more around the holidays!  Basically, the entire US economy is built around the 4th quarter.  Why do you think there is a Santa or a Salvation Bell ringer at every grocery store?  Selling tickets at this time of year can have a huge impact for your organization if you are aware of people’s generosity.

2. Companies are in a Giving Mood - It may be much easier to secure for yourself a big ticket raffle item at this time of year because companies are also more generous this time of year.  Part of it is the Christmas spirit, but a bigger part of it is the end of the tax year!  With companies just begging for write-offs, get out there and ask.  You’ll be surprised at what you may land for your raffle.  

3. Raffle Tickets Make Great Gifts - Some people don’t like to shop at all.  They hate the noise and bustle of the holiday season, but they don’t want to look like a scrooge.  Do your homework and find these people.  If you can sell them the idea of your organization and the raffle, they may but lots of tickets to give away to their gift list.  It’s a win win! 

4. Bank Accounts are Low - Now before you think this is a downside, think of it like this.  People love to gamble!  Especially when their budget is thin.  A raffle offers a chance to win something big for a small amount and many people are willing to take that risk when their cash is low.  This can result in lots of ticket sales.  

5. You Get to Play Santa – Think of the great PR you can create for your group in giving away your raffle reward on Christmas.  Have fun with it!  Have someone dress up like Santa and give someone a very Merry Christmas.

    There you go.  Now you know the top 5 reasons why you should hold a raffle at this time of year.  Now get out there and get to work!